Understanding Normal Labor and Delivery

Blog Understanding Normal Labor and Delivery

Understanding Normal Labor and Delivery

What is normal labor and delivery?

When the baby is born in head down position at full term (9 months) through the vagina after spontaneous labor pains, it is called as Normal Labor and Delivery. It will last for a period from 6 to 18 hours for first-time mothers.

There are three stages during Normal delivery process.

I. Contractions in uterus cause opening and shortening of the cervix i.e. the mouth of the uterus.
II. Cervix is fully open and the baby descends down the birth canal. The mother pushes and gives birth to the baby.
III. when delivery of placenta (i.e. the organ that supplies nutrients to the baby) occurs.

Symptoms of normal delivery:

* Labour pain, felt as tightening of the belly which increases over a period of time and become more intense.

* Rupture of water bag resulting in a trickle of water.

* Sticky discharge mixed with blood.

Exercises for normal delivery:

Exercise for normal delivery eases labor pain, shortens duration of labor and helps recovering faster after childbirth.

Walking for 15 minutes and gradually increasing to 45 minutes a day.

Practicing squats, butterfly, cat and camel and bridging exercises.

Breathing exercises to take your mind off labor pains.

Rush to the hospital when:

you experience 2-3 contractions over 10 minutes

your water bag has ruptured

you have vaginal bleeding that is more than spotting

For further details, consult with your Gynecologist Dr P Rajalakshmi